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How We Charge

Spencer Churchill Claims Advice Ltd is committed to transparency and fairness in the way it conducts itself with clients, including how we charge for our claims services.

Because of this, we publish our full terms of business and privacy policy up-front for your consideration, conduct a free initial assessment, and ALWAYS operate our mis-sold pensions claims on a no upfront costs basis.

Our FREE Initial Assessment

Most people who later decide to become clients with Spencer Churchill Claims Advice aren’t 100% sure they have a claim at first, not being up-to-speed with pension laws and financial services regulations to confidently identify a claim.

That’s why we run our Free Initial Assessment Service. Anybody who has concerns about losses from their pensions or annuities, or has any reason at all to believe they may have been mis-sold is welcome to get in touch with one of our experienced case assessors for a free initial consultation.

We’ll listen to your pension story and examine it for signs of pension mis-selling. If we find something that looks like a claim, we’ll tell you and you can make a decision about what to do next.

By using our call-back service, our initial assessments are completely free.

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No Upfront Fees

Spencer Churchill Claims Advice will handle your mis-sold pension claims on a strict no upfront fee basis.
Regardless of how long your claim may take, and how many complications or delays your claim is put through, until we have been successful with your case, you can rest assured we will never ask for any money upfront.

Please note: No Win – No Fee*: Successful claims made through Spencer Churchill Claims Advice are subject to the Success Fee, charged as per your terms of business and engagement letter of any monies awarded to the claim. Clients have a 14 day “Cooling-Off” period during which time they may cancel at any time without charge. After this time, cancellation will result in the application of the Cancellation Fee.

*Figures calculated before deduction of Success Fee and taxes

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