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Have you transferred away from the British Armed Forces Pension Scheme?

The British Armed Forces pension schemes are very valuable Final Salary Pensions. If you transferred away and think you have been mis-sold, then reach out to our team of experts. We want to help.

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How do I know if I need to make a British Armed Forces Pension Scheme claim?

If you were convinced to transfer away from the Armed Forces Pension Scheme then you may be able to make a claim.

On a few very rare occasions a pension transfer is advised. More often than not, however, they just are not worth the risk.

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British Armed Forces Pension Claims
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Has my British Armed Forces transfer been mis-sold?

In order to find out if you have been mis-sold, have a no-obligation chat with our experts.

We will investigate the facts of your case, and if we believe you may have been mis-sold then we will begin the claims process. Don’t worry though, we only ever work on a no-win no-fee basis, so you don’t owe us anything until we have successfully won your case!

Are you unsure if you have been given negligent financial advice? We recommend reaching out to us anyway. We consider everything on a case by case basis, so we will let you know if we think you are eligible to make a claim.

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Take a look over some of our most commonly asked questions. If your question hasn’t been answered here, reach out to us. Our friendly team is on hand to help.

Can I make a mis-sold pension claim?

We will need to investigate the facts of your case in order to determine whether or not you are eligible to claim. Our initial chat is always free and comes with no obligation. Once we decide whether or not we think you have grounds to make a claim, we will let you know!

How much does it cost to make a mis-sold pension claim?

We work on a no-win no-fee basis always, which means we only charge if your claim is successful. We also offer a free initial assessment that comes with no obligation and no upfront fees, so you can make an informed decision with no pressure.

How do I know if I was mis-sold a British Armed Forces Pension transfer?

The Armed Forces Pension Scheme is seen as “gold-plated” as it offers a guaranteed, index-linked pension for life. It is very unlikely a transfer to a personal pension will leave you financially better off.

Take a look at the advice you were given that led you to a transfer. If you have even a small inkling that you were mis-led, you should talk to our team. We can bring some clarity to your situation and let you know if you are eligible to claim for a mis-selling.

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If our team determines that you have a case to make, then we will do everything we can to help. Do you think you were mis-sold a different final salary pension? We represent a huge variety of pension mis-selling cases. Click here for more information.

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