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Mis-sold investment claims

Have you been advised to make an investment that didn’t work out? Did you put your money and your faith into a financial product that was unsuitable? Did the lender neglect to give you all of the facts about the risks?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your bank may be guilty of mis-selling to you.

When we make financial decisions, it’s usually based on the advice of trusted professionals. But what happens when the advice you’re given isn’t in your best interest? Read on to find out whether you’re entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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What is a mis-sold investment?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates all financial services in the UK. The FCA ensures that all financial services sell financial products to you in a way that is clear, fair, and isn’t misleading in any way.

Unfortunately, mis-selling happens. But how do you know if you’ve been the victim of investment mis-selling?

There are several ways in which financial products may have been offered to you under false pretences. These may include:

  • You received unsuitable advice about the associated risk of the product
  • You were encouraged to take out credit to make investments
  • You were not informed that the investment was, in fact, high risk
  • You were encouraged to cash in your pension to make the investment
  • You lost money because you were poorly advised
  • You were given insufficient financial advice
  • You were talked into taking risks you weren’t comfortable with
  • You felt that you were put under pressure to make investments
  • You were not informed how your money would be invested, nor were you given any control over any investment decisions

If any of this applies to you, you may have a mis-selling claim. Get in touch with us today to speak with an advisor.

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How to claim for a mis-sold investment

If your bank or any other financial institution has recommended you invest in a product that wasn’t suitable, you can make a complaint for free. If you’re not happy with the outcome of this complaint, you can speak to the financial ombudsman service if it falls in their remit.

If you’re looking for a company to manage this, we’ll contact the bank on your behalf and don’t charge any upfront fees to get this started

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Types of mis-sold investments

There are several types of mis-sold investments for which you may be entitled to compensation.


Mis-sold mini-bonds

Mini-bonds offer a high return on the initial outlay; however, they come with many associated risks. If you’ve bought mini-bonds but the risks weren’t explained to you- there is a chance you could be eligible to make a claim.

Call today to find out whether you have a claim.

Mis-sold bonds

Investment bonds carry a certain degree of risk. If you weren’t correctly advised, there might be circumstances when you can claim compensation.

If this sounds like it applies to you, call us today.

Mis-sold PEP claims

Personal Equity Plans (PEPs) let stock exchange investors enjoy tax-free profits. These were replaced by Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) in 1999, and in 2008, any existing PEPs were converted to ISAs. There were risks associated with PEPs, and there was a degree of mis-selling associated with them.

If you had a PEP that you believe you bought into without the right information, get in touch with our team today.

Unregulated collective investment schemes

There are several complex and unlawful financial products that people in the UK are unfortunately exposed to.

A collective investment scheme (CIS) is sometimes referred to as a ‘pooled investment’; this means that several people will invest in it. The manager of the fund will usually put the money into stocks or bonds.

If you believe that you may have invested in an unregulated scheme, you may be eligible for compensation. Get in touch with an advisor today, and we’ll talk you through any potential claims you may have.

Mis-sold unit trusts

If you took out unit trusts but were not given adequate advice about the risks, you might be entitled to claim compensation. Call our team today to see if you may be eligible to make a claim.

Mis-sold open-ended investments

An open-ended investment claim may be made where you were not made aware of any additional charges that you might accrue. Our advisors are ready to take your call and help you make a claim for any potential compensation.

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Mis-sold investment claims FAQS

How will I know if I am eligible to make a claim?

One of our team of experts will talk through your case with you over the phone. We’ll establish the specific circumstances under which you made your investment. If you weren’t advised properly and lost money as a result, you may be entitled to make a claim.

If we think you have a claim that’s worth making, we’ll usually tell you over the phone.

Is legal action an option for a mis-sold investment?

Of course, but In the first instance before looking to instruct solicitors, we will usually contact your bank with the initial complaint. If this is unsuccessful, we may get the financial ombudsman service involved.

How long will it take for my claim to be completed?

All claims are different some can be settled in a matter of weeks and some can take years, with no detail, it is just too hard to put a timescale on this.

Is there a limit on how far back I can claim?

There are several factors that determine how far we’re able to go back. These include whether or not you still have any paperwork associated with the investment and which bank or financial company you made the investment through.