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The non-standard fuel investment has caused one SIPP provider to re-think it’s stance on similar investments

SIPP provider James Hay was engaged in a tax battle over Elysian Fuels investments held within some of its SIPP portfolios, and according to the Chief Exec of IFG (parent of James Hay), the problems were a contributing factor in the decision to stop taking on Non-standard Assets.

Non-standard assets can sometimes present more of a risk for investors, often being based abroad or are unregulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, leaving them arguably more exposed to problems, including losing all their money.

Elysian Fuels at £Zero

Having been designed to take investor capital and produce Bioethanol from a Grimsby based plant, Elysian Fuels was valued at £0 from 2015 onwards, meaning that more than £200m may have gone down the drain.

James Hay says that less than 1% of their assets under management are classed as non-standard, but with a £1.8m tax bill from HMRC for Elysian Fuels, many would understand the decision.


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