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Police work is high pressure, but also comes with an exceptional remuneration package and pension plan. If you have transferred away from your index-linked police pension, you may be missing out on a guaranteed income in retirement and Death in Service benefits. Speak to us if you think you were misled so we can help you get your money back.

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How do I know if I need to make a police pension transfer claim?

If you have left the police force before you retire, you may have been influenced to transfer your pension in the hope that you will make more money investing it somewhere else.

This, more often than not, will have put your previously safe retirement fund into a risky, volatile market – losing you money in the process.

Even just considering transfer fees themselves, you may shave off a huge chunk of money in simply completing the move. So, although you may have transferred and are seeing your pension ‘increase’ in value, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security.

Even with apparent growth, you may not be beating the Critical Yield of your old police pension. In simple terms – although it may look like it is going in the right direction, it might still be worth significantly less than your old one would have been, had you left it where it was.

When you consider this against the annual charges that you, as a former officer, may have had to pay to your new pension scheme alongside the volatility of the investment market – for most people, transferring would not have been the best call.

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Has my police pension transfer been mis-sold?

We will consider your situation and if we think you have a case we will be in touch with you to start the claims process.

If you aren’t certain that you have been mis-sold, it is still worth reaching out to start a free, no obligation chat with one of our experts. If we think you are eligible to make a claim, we will work to get the money back that you are owed.

Don’t leave your financial situation in retirement to fate – chat with us if you think you have been mis-sold a police pension transfer.

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