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FSCS Mis-sold Pension Claims

Thinking about making an FSCS claim for a mis-sold pension?

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is the UK Financial Services ‘Lifeboat Scheme’ – a huge pot of money collected together to pay compensation for professional failings within the financial services sector, such as negligent financial advice.

Spencer Churchill Claims Advice have experience in mis-sold pension claims, from SIPPs to Final Salary transfer claims, and may be able to make a claim for you with no upfront costs.

Please note: No Win – No Fee*: Successful claims made through Spencer Churchill Claims Advice are subject to the Success Fee, charged as per your terms of business and engagement letter of any monies awarded to the claim. Clients have a 14 day “Cooling-Off” period during which time they may cancel at any time without charge. After this time, cancellation will result in the application of the Cancellation Fee.

*Figures calculated before deduction of Success Fee and taxes

Why does the FSCS pay compensation?

When a Financial Adviser can’t pay claims against it, either because they have run out of money or insurance, or have gone out of business, but people deserve compensation, the FSCS declares that firm ‘in default’.

Want to talk to a specialist?

Our team make mis-sold pension claims and it all starts with a free, no-obligation initial assessment.

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Firms declared in FSCS Default

This list is far from complete and it’s constantly growing. Did you move a pension with one of these firms?


1st Ethical Limited
Acorn Wealth Limited
Added Value Financial Services
Advanced Wealth Management Limited
Agincourt Consultants
Alan Day (Holdings)
Anthony William Morin (AWM Financial Services)
Approach (UK) Limited
Archer Wealth Management LLP
Ardgowan Financial Services Limited
Arjent Limited
Ashby London Investment Management Limited
Ashdale Independent Financial Services Limited
Aspen Financial Planning Limited
Assured Review IFA Limited
Available Mortgages
Avalon Wealth Management Limited
BAFS Limited
Bank House Investment Management Limited
Bcf Solutions
Beta 2 Limited
Bicknell (Malvern) Limited
Bill Head (Preston) Limited
Blacks Financial Limited
BLT Financial Services Limited
Blue Ocean Financial Services
Broads Of Chalfront Limited
Build Your Wealth Limited
Burgess Williams Financial Management Limited
Cavendish Financial Planning Limited
Cedar Lawns Associates LLP
Chelster Financial Services
Cherwell Finance Limited
Choices – Your Mortgage Solutions Limited
Clifton Financial Management Limited (Kellends)
Codenseheat Limited
Combined Financial Resources Limited
Complete Mortgage & Loan Services Limited
Cooper Financial Services
Cornerstone Friendly Society
Cumulus Investment Management Limited
David Oliver Residential LLP
DB Financial Advice Limited
De Havilland Financial Management
Designed 4 Life Limited
Direct Financial Services (UK) Limited
Douglas Baillie Limited
Duke Street Advisers Limited


Enterprise Broker Services Limited
Enterprise Private Equity Limited
Essential Mortgage Soltuions Limited
F P M Advice Centre LLP
Fairfax I.S. PLC
Fehnert Financial Services Limited
Financial Limited
Financial Page Limited
Financial Planning & Investment Limited
Financial Solutions Today LLP
Finasec Limited (Finsure Limited)
Flexible Money Management
Foley Financial Services Limited
Freeman and Associates Limited
Furness Financial Management
Global Financial Strategies Limited
Godfrey Persons Limited
Grahame Sharp Financial Services Limited
H E Grant
H20 Markets Limited
Hanover St Mortgage Services Limited
Harley Greatbatch & Company
Harmans Limited
HBS (Financial Planning) Limited
Henderson Carter Associates Limited
Heritage Consultancy
Hertford I.S Limited (Martin Hale & Company Ltd)
Holdsworth & Company
Ideal Financial Solutions
Independent Derivative Traders Limited
Independent Financial Management Services
Investment & Pension Management Limited (IPM)
Investment Seekers Limited
J B Financial Services Limited
J Johnson Associates Independent Financial Advisers
J Richfield t/as Sovereign Financial Services
JNF Capital Limited
JPM Financial LLP
JSD Associates Financie
K.L Plester Financial services Limited
Key Financial Services
KML Financial services
Knightsbridge Financial Management Limited
Leslie & Nuding
London & Shires Insurance Service
Luapkram Limited


M & P Financial Planning Limited
M I Wealth Management Limited
MAC Financial Advice LLP (KMA Wealth)
Marborough Financial Management Limited
Market Place Financial Services
Meridian Financial Management Limited
Meridian Financial Services Limited
MFS Partnership (SW) LLP
Michael Hugh Munro (Financial Solutions)
Moneygate Wealth Management Limited
Moneywise Financial Advisors Limited
Montague & CO (Dorset) Limited
Morgan Investments
Morley Davis Asset Management Limited
Nicholson Evans Associates Limited
NKP Financial Solutions
Oakwood Financial Management
Ocean Finance and Mortgages Limited
Park Finance Holdings Limited
Park Grove Financial Management Limited
Paul Spencer Hunt
Paul Steven George Nicholls
Paul Tonks
Phoenix Financial Management Limited
Precise Advise Partnership LLP
Premier Financial Management (Scotland) Limited
Premier Writers Limited
Prime Wealth Group Limited
Professional Assurance Services Limited
Provincial Finance Company
Quantum Internation AG Limited
Quote Source Limited
Reid Scott & Ross Limited
Risk Placement Services Limited
Russell Watchorn Financial Services Limited
SFIA Limited
Shawcross & Blackwell LLP
Sorensen Financial Services
Speers & Associates
Stephen Dockerty
The Mortgage Point Limited
The Oakdene Practice
TMK 65 Limited / MGW Limited
Torvell Dent
Universal Wealth Management LLP
Vanguard Wealth Management Limited
Wealth Management (UK) Limited
White House Independent Financial Services Limited
Wilshire Financial Management Limited
WJA Financial Services Limited
World of Mortgages Limited
Zephyr Finance UK Limited