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Reyker Securities Claims Guide

Investment firm Rekyer Securities Plc has ceased regulated activities after, meaning that it will no-longer trade with investments now that is has entered into Special Administration.

Normally, when a firm enters into Insolvency Proceedings such as an administration, it appoints its own Administrators – professional insolvency practitioners to take over the business and try to either save it, or wind the company up and pay as many creditors as possible.

In the case of Reyker Securities, the firm has gone into Special Administration, where the regulators at the FCA have appointed their own administrators.

The firm is now listed as ‘Authorised – In Special Administration’ on the FCA’s register, after ceasing regulated activities including investments.

So what is going on at Rekyer Securities? And can you make a claim?

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What happened to Reyker Securities?

Reyker Securities is a DFM, which means that it builds portfolios of investments and then manages clients’ money by investing in them.

DFMs often group investments together based on risk or the type of industry they are in, meaning that some portfolios of investments may feature high-risk investments and therefore not be suitable for some people. Many people use DFMs to make SIPP pension investments.

The team have knowledge that the owners of Reyker Securities were looking to sell the DFM, but have now entered into Administration following “financial difficulties” and the collapse of the sale.

We also know that “following an application by Reyker because of financial difficulties, the Financial Conduct Authority has imposed regulatory requirements meaning that: Reyker has ceased to conduct regulated acitivities except for holding and safeguarding client money nad investment assets.”

If you made investments with Reyker Securities via a SIPP pension now may be the time to have the advice you received checked for pension mis-selling. You can do this with a FREE initial assessment with the friendly team of mis-selling claim specialists at Spencer Churchill Claims Advice.

Can you claim for Reyker Securities compensation?

Several DFMs have gotten mixed up with high-risk investments, putting their clients’ money at risk. Reyker Securities is now in Special Administration.

If you:

  • Transferred your pension to a SIPP
  • Invested via Reyker Securities or in other high-risk investments
  • Aren’t earning over £100k per year
  • Aren’t a Sophisticated Investor

Then you may have been mis-sold, and you could be able to make a claim for negligent SIPP advice.

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The Reyker Securities timeline of events

1983 - Phoneville Limited

Reyker Securities Plc started life as Phoneville Limited back in August 1983, before later changing to Finsec Services Limited and later Reyker Securities Plc.

2013 - Merchant Capital

In 2013, Merchant Capital fell into administration. Reyker Securties was involved as the former custodian.

2019 - Collapse

Following financial difficulties and the breakdown of the sale of the business, Reyker Securities enters into Special Administration and ceases all regulated activities.

DFMs: mis-use and mis-selling

While the reason for Reyker’s own financial difficulties is not yet known, many DFMs have collapsed over the past few years due to high-risk and unregulated investments.

The FCA warned about what it called Third Generation Pension Scams a couple of years back – where high-risk and ultimately toxic investments were hidden within DFM portfolios to acquire money from unsuspecting investors.

The team know that DFM firms such as Beaufort Securities and Greyfriars Asset Management certainly had exposure to such investments, and the fault may lie with Financial Advisers who failed in their due diligence duties.

If you invested with a DFM, particularly through a SIPP pension, you may have been mis-sold and it may be possible to make a claim!

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Reyker Securities FAQ's

Can I make a claim relating to Reyker Securities?

If you dealt with Reyker Securities for any reason, we hope you’ll get in touch with the team at Spencer Churchill Claims Advice. We’re specialists in pension and investment mis-selling claims, and can help you discover if you may have been mis-sold by Reyker, a SIPP provider or a financial adviser.

What is a DFM?

A Discretionary Fund Manager builds portfolios of investments to satisfy a variety of investment strategies. Investors may then place their money with a DFM with a view to growing their money. However, all investments carry risk, and some are high-risk.

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