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We at Spencer Churchill Claims Advice have experience in mis-sold pensions. Specialising in final salary claims, mis-sold SIPPs (self-invested personal pensions), annuities claims and more. 

Our experienced case handlers are always on-hand to help. We’ll listen to your pension story, offer clear and transparent advice, and discover if we can move your claim forward.

We can offer support and guidance for claims regarding Copia Wealth Management (CWM) too. CWM have recently been on the receiving end of claims regarding advice to clients to transfer their pensions into a SIPP.*

Read on to find out more about Copia Wealth Management and how you can make a claim.

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Could you make a Copia Wealth Management claim?

We’re here to help and support to people who believe they have been a victim of financial mis-selling, which includes mis-sold SIPPs.

Some of the common complaints we’ve received include:

  • The representative in question placed you under a significant amount of pressure.
  • You were not made fully aware of any potential risks.
  • Fees and/or commissions were not mentioned.
  • You were guaranteed a steady rate of return.

If you feel any of the above complaints relate to you and your experience with Copia Wealth Management, you might have a claim to make.

Our case handlers are experienced and more than happy to listen to your concerns and give you advice and guidance on your claim.

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Who is Copia Wealth Management?

Copia Wealth Management is a Manchester-based firm and Independent Financial Advisor specialising in pensions plans and individual savings accounts (ISAs).

However, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) found that Copia Wealth Management had given a client unsuitable advice about transferring his pension into a SIPP product, resulting in him losing money.

The FOS deemed that the advice to transfer wasn’t in the best interest of the client and the investment was a high risk. Unfortunately, this is common practice across a lot of mis-sold SIPP investments. 

Since the FOS review, more clients have come forward with claims against Copia Wealth Management, who have now gone into liquidation.

If you’ve had a similar experience with Copia Wealth Management, we’d like to hear from you. We’re here to give you clear, transparent and helpful advice on your claim and to see if you can take it forward. Get in touch today for a free assessment.

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How can you make a Copia Wealth Management claim?

The good news is, there are a number of options available to you. Copia Wealth Management were only recently made insolvent in September 2020, so it’s a good time to see if you qualify for any compensation.

You can contact a team member at Spencer Churchill Claims Advice. The big advantage to this is that our experienced and knowledgeable team will give you bespoke advice and handle the claim on your behalf.

We’ll look at your case individually to discover if we think you can make a claim and then, if we can proceed your claim, work to get you the best result we can.

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