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Hartley Pensions Investment Claims

Many people have invested in their financial products, specifically self-invested personal pensions (SIPP). Sadly in some circumstances these financial products have been mis-sold, as a result of representatives not conducting the necessary research, overpromising return on investments and adequately checking for suitability. 

Do you feel as if you were improperly sold a SIPP? Has the product in question failed to perform as you were initially promised? The good news is that you may be legally entitled to some form of investment claim.


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Hartley Pensions SIPP Claims

Do you suspect that you have been mis-sold a SIPP by Hartley Pensions and are now unsure of your situation? Some of the reasons highlighted below have given Spencer Churchill Claims Advice cause for concern, and you may be eligible to claim: 

  • You were promised a return on investment that has never materialised.
  • Were the risks made very clear to you.
  • You felt pressured into making a decision without taking the time to perform the proper amount of research and consider your options.
  • Did you receive a cold-call for a free pension review.
  • Did you transfer your pension to Hartley Pensions, and are now unaware of your investment situation.
  • Your funds have ceased activity

If any of the above apply to you, or you have any further concerns, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

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Who are Hartley Pensions?

Initially formed in 2001, Hartley Pensions has been promoting SIPP investment opportunities for nearly 20 years. While this firm is now part of the larger Wilton Group, it gained a reputation for acquiring SIPP platforms.


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Can You Claim for Hartley Pensions Mis-Selling Compensation?

If you have dealt with Hartley Pensions, and feel like your adviser or pension provider have not conducted all the necessary research, pressured you into a decision or perhaps you were contacted by a third-party urging/advising you to transfer your money Then you could be eligible to make a claim. 


Hartley Pensions Complaints

 Alternatively, you can speak to one of specialist consultants at Spencer Churchill Claims Advice, who will be happy to take you through our free, no-obligation consultation, so we can discuss your options.


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