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Finding out if you have a mis-sold pension claim doesn’t have to be difficult – take a free chat with one of our friendly specialists.

We’ll listen to your story and help you work out whether you may have been mis-sold, answer any questions, and help you discover if you can make a pension mis-selling claim on a No Win – No Fee* basis.

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Pension mis-selling awareness is growing

It’s pretty crazy to think that there’s a nationwide scandal going on that involves potential £billions leaking from pension pots all across the UK, often without people noticing.

But the pension mis-selling scandal is real, and more and more people are realising that they may have been mis-sold their final salary pension transfer, SIPP investments or annuities.

If you’ve transferred your pension since 1994 then there’s a chance you may have been mis-sold. Find out if you can make a claim by chatting to the people who deal with this day-in, day-out as part of a FREE no-obligation initial assessment.

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