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SIPP administrator Carey Pensions has written out to some SIPP holders on its books to tell them that thei pension has been identified as “distressed”, and will be transferred to a new pension scheme: CPS2.

The new scheme, includes “members with illiquid non-standard assets” – usually high-risk investments.

Carey Pensions Writes to Distressed Clients

The letter explains the reasoning behind the move of distressed SIPPs to CPS2: “because your scheme contains investments that currently have little or no value due to them being in liquidation, they have a significantly reduced value or are in a state of uncertainty”.

The letter explains that a dedicated team will be “monitoring and administering these distressed holdings within a single trust for you”.

Carey Pensions have said that there will be no charge for member transfers.

What causes “distressed” SIPPs?

Often, it can be because of the non-standard or illiquid assets within it.

To put that in a plainer language, it means that the money in the SIPP could have been invested in high-risk investments, that can be difficult to sell to get the money back out, and may have lost value.

In some cases, the pension transfer advice some people received that led them to a “distressed SIPP” was unsuitable for the individual, as it put them at too greater risk.

That’s often when a claim might be made for losses through a SIPP, and where the crack team of specialists at Spencer Churchill Claims Advice come in.

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