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Several law suits are staring down SIPP provider Guinness Mahon regarding its relationship with marketing firms who directed people towards Guinness Mahon SIPPs filled with high-risk investments.

While many claims against financial advisers who recommended Guinness Mahon SIPPs have already paid out due to negligent financial advice, claims against SIPP providers are quite rare as the advice which is usually at fault comes from the IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) that recommended the SIPP.

Ethical Forestry & Global Plantations

The cases currently upcoming against Guinness Mahon involve high-risk and non-standard investments: Ethical Forestry (now in liquidation) and Global Plantations (also in trouble) – two investments the team at Spencer Churchill Claims Advice come across on a regular basis.

Claims against Guinness Mahon

The cases that appear to be moving forward relate to investments between 2013 and 2016, and accuse Guinness Mahon of working with unregulated marketing firms (introducers) to bring in investors to the business, which might have been fine if it were not for the fact that investments like Ethical Forestry & Global Plantations aren’t suitable for everybody because of their high-risk nature.

If you have concerns over your own SIPPs and whether you have received the right advice regarding high-risk and non-FCA regulated investments, our team of mis-sold pension specialists are often free for a no-obligation, free chat about your situation to help you in the right direction for you.

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