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Meeting with FSCS paves new way forward for financial claims

A fantastic and usually rare meeting with the FSCS has left the Spencer Churchill Claims Advice team fully up-to-date and equipped to handle how the FSCS processes SIPP and pension claims, after months of hard work by the FSCS as they continue to streamline the way they handle fresh claims.

As well as a friendly discussion about the challenges faced by the financial industry and it’s investors, on the agenda for the meeting on Friday the 1st of April 2016 was everything from the number of claims put forward by Spencer Churchill Claims Advice on behalf of our clients, to how the claims process will be changing over the coming months, putting Spencer Churchill Claims Advice in a superb position to process new claims with expert precision.

We’re still working hard on the claims worth millions currently going through the FSCS process due to the original IFAs who sold thousands of SIPPs, pensions and pension transfers having gone into liquidation or who have been forced to stop trading.

FSCS and Spencer Churchill Claims Advice

For many, the FSCS provides a vital financial safety net for recovering the damage done by financial mis-selling in cases where the offending party is no-longer around to be held accountable, and the claims handlers at Spencer Churchill Claims Advice speak with the FSCS team on a daily basis on these matters.

But the new changes discussed in the meeting to which the Spencer Churchill Claims Advice team was invited look promising, and may help UK pension owners in the future.

What the meeting means for our clients:

From the moment your claim is sent off by Spencer Churchill Claims Advice, it will be entering a new and more efficient system with the FSCS, one that we are now fully aware of thanks to their kind invitation, adding to our already extensive claims knowledge and experience, meaning that the time it takes from taking your claims details to getting that all-important compensation pay out should soon be significantly reduced!

Faster money, happy clients – brilliant!

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