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Complaint Letter Templates

Need a mis-sold pension complaint letter template?

Thousands across the UK are now realising they have been mis-sold their final salary pension transfer, SIPP pension or Annuity.

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How can you tell if you were mis-sold a pension?

There are lots of different types of pension mis-selling, all more common than many people would like to think!

If you transferred…

… then you may be at particular risk of having been mis-sold your pension.

Transfers away from defined benefit pensions should rarely be considered suitable for most people, and may leave the individual out of pocket in retirement.

SIPPs, SSASs and QROPs pensions can sometimes be suitable, but are often filled with high-risk investments that may pose too much risk for the individual.

If you…

  • Didn’t have the risks explained to you properly
  • Didn’t have your financial situation properly assessed 
  • Were told your pension plan would definitely pay off your mortgage
  • Were charged unexpected fees and charges
  • Were recommended an annuity that did not take your health, marital situation and life expectancy into account, or were only offered one type.

Then you may have been mis-sold, and could potentially benefit from a specialist looking at your case over a free initial assessment.

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Where to start a mis-sold pension claim

For many people, the next thought is to go to the Financial Ombudsman Service (only after they have made an initial complaint themselves), or the FSCS (only if the negligent party is listed as in default with the FSCS).

The first thing to do is usually to make the complaint to the potentially negligent party themselves, in a way that clearly explains why the actions they proceeded with, or the advice they gave was negligent.

The company can then accept the complaint (and usually offer compensation) or reject it.

The complainant does not have to accept the compensation amount if they deem it to be too low, and may then be able to take the claim to the FOS if needs be.

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Download pension claim framework

While there are quite a few template letters out there on consumer watchdog websites, you need to be sure you’re using a template that fits your claim as precisely as possible.

Every claim is different, and you need to work out which parts of any template you use apply to you and your unique case.

However, somewhere is a better starting place than nowhere, so if you’re feeling determined to go it alone rather than getting specialists like Spencer Churchill Claims Advice to make your claim on a with no upfront costs, then pop your details into our form and download our FREE mis-sold pension complaint letter template.