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Premier Childrens’ Services Investment Claims Guide

Premier Childrens Services investment sounded like a great plan, especially with the way in which it was sold to some SIPP investors, usually through a cold-call offering a free pension review.

But in reality, Premier Childrens Services was a high-risk investment, that while offering high returns or between 8% and 10% interest depending on how much was invested, posed a risk to people if they were not truly suitable for such a high-risk investment. On the 14th November 2016, Premier Childrens Services entered into administration, prompting calls from concerned investors to Spencer Churchill Claims Advice for help in getting their pension money back.

We’re happy to say we have experience with many of the cases we took on, all on a no upfront costs, always against the negligent financial advice of a regulated adviser, who should have known better than to recommend a pension transfer to a SIPP, and an investment in PCS without proper due diligence checks.

If YOU invested in Premier Childrens Services, you’re entitled to a FREE Initial Assessment with our experienced Claims Handlers to see if you can make a claim too.

Please note: No Win – No Fee*: Successful claims made through Spencer Churchill Claims Advice are subject to the Success Fee, charged as per your terms of business and engagement letter of any monies awarded to the claim. Clients have a 14 day “Cooling-Off” period during which time they may cancel at any time without charge. After this time, cancellation will result in the application of the Cancellation Fee.

*Figures calculated before deduction of Success Fee and taxes

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Can you claim for Premier Children’s Services mis-selling compensation?

If you:

  • Transferred your pension to a SIPP
  • Invested in PCS or other high-risk investments
  • Aren’t earning over £100k per year
  • Aren’t a Sophisticated Investor

Then you may have been mis-sold, and you could be able to make a claim for negligent SIPP advice.

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PCS timeline of events

2012 - Formation and Investments

Formed on the 17th May 2012, Premier Childrens’ Services was set up as a holding company to fund several child care facilities…Premier Children Services described itself as an exciting new social care service with desires to become an innovate market leader in the world of children’s social care, and sought investments through what is known as a “Loan Note” for either 3 or 5 years, in return for some healthy looking returns:

Example 1.     £0-99,000 Investment: 3 years = 8% Interest     5 years = 9% Interest
Example 2.     £100,000 + Investment: 3 years = 9% Interest     5 years = 10% Interest

2016 - Administration & Fallout

Considering it is now clear some investors were not suitable for such a high-risk investment, PCS going into administration sounded like bad news…

While around 220 SIPP investors had their money wrapped up in Premier Childrens Services, it went into administration.

At the time, at least one SIPP provider wrote a letter to Premier Children Services clients, which stated:

Please be aware that, given the circumstances, no further payments are now expected from PCS. 

Therefore, if you were anticipating any sort of capital or interest payment into your SIPP 
which has not been received by 15 November 2016, it is unlikely that this will be paid.”

Minutes from a board meeting detailed the “”financial difficulties of the company” and that “the company is or is likely to become unable to pay its debts”.

2018 - Move to dissolution

In November 2018 Premier Chidrens Services moved from being in administration towards a dissolution.

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