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The GPC SIPP, previously Guardian SIPP, has long been associated with some high-profile pension and investment mis-selling cases, and is now in administration.

Many people were told they would be better-off transferring their pension to a Guardian GPC SIPP, but in some cases, their money was unsuitably invested into high-risk investments like Harlequin Properties.

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Claims Relating to GPC SIPP Pensions

GPC SIPP pensions have (like many SIPP pensions) been a great way for many people to generate money for retirement.

But GPC had problems – they had allowed many people to invest in high-risk investments through their SIPP pension.

Often, the people making these investments had little investment knowledge, and couldn’t afford the risks, usually having taken negligent pension advice from their adviser.

Now, many of the investments have gotten into trouble, either having collapsed into insolvency proceedings or even been mired by fraud or misconduct allegations.

Was I mis-sold a GPC SIPP?

If you were advised to transfer your pension to a GCP SIPP to invest in any of the investments below, and were not:

  • a ‘Sophisticated Investor’ with a wealth of investment knowledge and experience, and/or;
  • a ‘High net-worth individual’, earning over £100k per year or with £250k of investable assets

…then you may have been mis-sold, and could be able to make a mis-sold pension claim!

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GPC timeline of events

2005 - Company's UK Formation

GPC SIPP starts live as Guardian Pensioneer Trustee & Consultancy Ltd.

2014 - Harlequin Property

By 2014, GPC (then Guardian) was already involved in the Harlequin Properties mis-selling scandal, and had many other high-risk and non-standard assets on its books.

2015 - Name change

Guardian becomes GPC SIPP Ltd

2019 - June administration

Financial news outlets report that GPC is going into administration.

For people stuck in this situation, it could be that they can make a claim for having been mis-sold in the first place.

2019 - Sale to Hartleys

In August 2019, it was revealed that the administrators of GPC SIPP had sold it to Hartleys for an undisclosed amount.

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